A comparison of ice hockey and ice skating

Hockey can be played on any surface, though ice and hard rubber "roller turf" are the two major fields currently played on by professionals. All though to some these two variations on hockey may seem the same, they actually have many differences. Roller hockey contrasts that of ice in several ways.

A comparison of ice hockey and ice skating

Comparison of Roller Skating vs. Ice Skating By reComparison Contributor Difference between Roller Skating and Ice Skating Roller skating is an activity or sport in which a person attaches wheeled shoes to their feet and travels upon smooth surfaces. Roller skates are available in many forms, but typically are in a quad formation or in-line.

Roller skating has had a resurgence in popularity within the last few years as roller derby teams and hip hop dancers are bringing it back into focus.

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Ice skating is an activity or sport in which a person attaches shoes with metal blades along the bottoms to their feet in order to glide or skate along an ice covered surface.

Ice skating has long been enjoyed as both an indoor and outdoor activity. Photo by lululemon athletica History of Roller Skating and Ice Skating Roller skating was invented in the mid s in London as part of a stage performance, but the name of the inventor is unknown.

The first roller skate inventor of record is John Joseph Merlin in the year Ice skating might well have been invented over 4, years ago in Finland. The first ice skates were only sharpened bones attached to the bottom of the foot.

Metal blades of today actually cut into the ice during skating, and the first application of adding edges to the blades was credited to a Dutchman.

With the four wheels set in pairs, the skate could pivot and skaters could turn with just leaning. Motivation was accomplished by pushing off with each skate, one at a time until momentum and leaning could be used to continue propulsion.

A comparison of ice hockey and ice skating

Ice skating works much in the same way as roller skating in means of locomotion, but friction is established by leaning the blade over and digging into the ice. This assists the skater with movement as well. Ice skaters lean their body and push the blades against the ice in a technique called "drawing".

Inline Hockey In Comparison to Ice Hockey

JB Skating is a dancing troupe of roller skaters and is becoming popular once again in hip-hop circles. These groups dance and perform on roller skates to James Brown songs and other "old school" music. Free style and speed skating are other forms of competitive roller skating sports.

Ice skating takes shape in many popular sports such as ice hockey. Ice hockey is a team sport, which can be very dangerous and exciting. Figure skating is another skating sport in which individuals or duos perform very graceful, beautiful, and daring feats of dance and acrobatic maneuvers.

Speed skating is a popular sport during the Olympics games. For fun as well as sport, roller skating is a good way to stay in shape while enjoying yourself alone or in a group. Roller skating has existed in many forms for hundreds of years and is in the throes of a comeback in popularity.

A comparison of ice hockey and ice skating

Ice Skating Ice skating has long been an activity that all sorts of people can enjoy. Whether inside an ice skating rink or outside upon a frozen pond, ice skating has endured sustained popularity. Many sports activities, such as hockey and short track racing have been spawned as well. There are some inherent dangers to ice skating such as falling through the ice or cutting oneself with the sharp metal blades.

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Ice hockey is one of the fastest team sports, with players reaching peak speeds in excess of 40 km/h [1, 2].Such speeds can be sustained due to low ice resistance to forward glide; low surface friction works against the athlete during the skate start, as minimal blade grip can hamper forward propulsion.

Clinical Injury Perspective Without a doubt the most com-mon foot and lower extremity injury patterns seen in ice hockey are acute traumatic events.

Because hockey skates have a smooth, curved blade on the front and the back, they can feasibly be tilted almost to a right angle while still gliding across the ice!

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