A day in the park

A A A Icomment on I was walking in my local park on a glorious day. I could smell the strong aroma of the flowers surrounding the sign.

A day in the park

Upon parking she looked across the green expanse of lawn As always, he had instructed her to lock her purse in her car and to carry only her car key with her. Grasping the single key in her hand, she walked across the lawn toward the pavilion he had designated. She shivered slightly as the cool dew on the grass wet her sandal-covered feet, her nipples erecting against the fabric of her dress, somewhat in reaction to the cool wetness of the dew, but more in anticipation and trepidation of what was to come.

She was nude under her dress, just as he had instructed. As she reached the pavilion she wondered anew what was in store for the morning. The structure was simple enough, four posts and a roof, and a picnic table.

At each end of the structure were benches in the form of horizontal planks that had been permanently attached between the corner posts. She sat on one of the benches, her heart beginning to race as she watched the entrance to the parking lot, anticipating his arrival.

He usually made her wait, and today was no different.

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Part of her was anxious during this wait, but part of her knew that the wait was designed to sharpen her anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly, she was aware of his car pulling into the lot. She watched as he walked toward her and her hands gripped the bench as her anxiety and excitement grew.

He was carrying a small case with him He walked up to her, greeting her in his normal manner and it was obvious to her that he was not going to waste any time. Sometimes there was conversation and a slow progression toward whatever he had in mind, but not today.

A day in the park

In less than two minutes she was standing nude before him, nervously glancing around to see if there were other people in the park. She quickly did so, gasping as the cool surface of the bench touched her thighs and pussy. He opened the case he was carrying and produced a set of handcuffs.

As he handed them to her he instructed her to put them on her ankles. She quickly bent and placed the cuffs on her ankles.

In doing so it dawned on her that she would not be able to be freed quickly and her anxiety regarding other people entering the park began to grow. Reaching into the bag again, he turned and held out another pair of cuffs.

These were quickly placed on her wrists. Without hesitating, he picked up a light chain. To each end was attached a small adjustable elastic loop.Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood!

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A day in the park

Saturday, September 8th, a.m. – p.m. Sylvan Park, Redlands – A CLASSIC CAR SHOW: For you lovers of cars and all things classy and vintage. Camping and Lodging. Año Nuevo State Park is a day use facilities Reserve tickets online for Guided Seal Walks.

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7 for a recorded message about the event's status! "That Cold Day in the Park" is historically interesting as one of director Robert Altman's earliest films, but its main virtues are the story and Sandy Dennis' complex performance%(7).

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