A look at the discrimination against the elderly in america

She outright admitted that if she marked Black on her college applications that it might hurt her chances on admission. Just the mere fact she said that in a cavalier manner points to how race can be trendy.

A look at the discrimination against the elderly in america

The issue of elderly abuse is a growing topic in our country because it violates three specific articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

A look at the discrimination against the elderly in america

Elderly abuse and neglect is an increasing age discrimination issue in the United States and violates the human rights to an adequate standard of living, equal protection under the law, and the right to be free from degrading treatment.

Most of the elderly start showing signs of dementia, a term used to describe a lack of mental ability, as early as the age of fifty. It affects the way individuals can comprehend information and express themselves.

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Most of the elderly that are being abused have some form of dementia. The caregivers of the victims may not feel that the elderly diagnosed with any type of dementia can effectively communicate their abuse to family or loved ones, making it easier to manipulate them.

This is violating the right to an adequate standard of living because these people were being drugged in the nursing home which they considered home. The residents no longer felt safe in their living space and this is taking away the human right established in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

If the elderly were able to defend themselves and express this abuse to others effectively, caregivers would not treat them this way because they know that they are inadequately providing care and this is illegal.

The vulnerability of the elderly is one of the main reasons why they seem to be neglected and abused, especially in the privacy of their nursing homes. The United States is known to have a high standard of living, compared to other countries, where everyone feels safe and secure. When families make the decision to put their elderly mother or father in a nursing home here in America, they should not have to worry about if they are living adequately in a clean environment, with options to move around, without being restrained by hallucinogenic drugs.

When caregivers abuse the elderly in nursing homes because of their mental state, they are violating the human right to an adequate standard of living.

Violence against the elderly occurs because most cases and deaths go unreported or uninvestigated by authorities. Cases like this are violating the human right to equal protection under the law. Even though there is a greater chance of someone with older age to die, their deaths should still be handled with special attention and care.

Americans should never die without a full investigation to conclude a valid cause of death. The authorities should treat these autopsies the same as if a middle aged woman or an active college student were to mysteriously die.

Here in North Carolina, their bodies are also the most likely to go unviewed by our local medical examiners, data show.

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In most states, unexplained deaths are required to have an autopsy performed. When medical examiners do not take the time to thoroughly look for a cause of death, which is likely to be some type of abuse or neglect, they are not equally protecting the elderly under the law.

The United States of America is the richest country in the world and financial circumstances should never get in the way of equally protecting a group of people under the law. Everyone has this right and age should not be a factor in determining if a dead body is worth evaluating or not.— Heidi Stevens, vetconnexx.com, "Northwestern professor wants black women to look for love outside their race," 12 July The department has been dogged by lawsuits and complaints alleging discrimination against women and minorities for years.

Its meaning is discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people. A person who gives no consideration to the elderly. Either despises them for their inability to cope, or reminds them of. 1. Reed v. Reed--> supreme court for the 1st time upheld claim of gender discrimination 2.

Craig v. Boren--> court established the "medium scrutiny" standard for determining gender discrimination 3. Dothard v. Rawlinson--> court weight against gender discrimination in employment and business activity.

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The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is a federal law that protects workers and job applicants age 40 and over from age-based discrimination in all aspects of employment. The ADEA does not apply to elected officials, independent contractors or military personnel.

Age Discrimination at Work. The form of ageism that can be most difficult for seniors who are still working is discrimination in the workplace.

The federal government officially made it harder to discriminate against workers over 40 in and new bills are being introduced like the “Protecing Older Workers Against Discrimination Act.” But, despite these efforts, the facts indicate that discrimination may still be at play.

Ageism, which involves stereotyping and discrimination against the elderly, leads to misconceptions about their abilities.

Discrimination | vetconnexx.com Sexual Orientation Age Age discrimination is what occurs when an employer uses age as a determining and negative factor in a job-related decision. For example, age discrimination takes place when an employer denies an applicant a job based on age.

Some elderly people grow physically frail and, therefore, dependent on caregivers, which increases their risk of elder abuse.

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