Compare how war is portrayed in

Campaign[ edit ] At first, the government was reluctant to engage in propaganda campaigns, but pressure from the media, the business sector and advertisers who wanted direction persuaded the government to take an active role.

Compare how war is portrayed in

She also reveals the difficulties of such an occupation, accounting the emotional distress these persons experience after witnessing such brutal conflict. Later he feels heavily guilty about the raw brutality of the killing and every time he walks down the street glancing at the blood stain of the victim he feels mortified and this affects him mentally and emotionally.

I will be analyzing these two poems, concluding how they are related to the theme of power. The power of authority is evident in Remains. What makes the running theme regarding the power of authority even more significant is the brutality of the killing.

The power of responsibility is also evident in War Photographer. There is a strong sense of imagery described in written word in this part. The red light of the darkroom has connotations of the light that burns continuously in Catholic churches to symbolize the presence of Christ and also of blood.

This is why the power of responsibility is evident in War Photographer. The power of memory is evident in Remains also. We could perceive this simply as a blood stain. But if we think, a shadow is only seen as a result of a reflection of something.

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His guilt implanted in his memory is denying him of not visualizing the blood that was once there when he brutally fired at him.

Soon he has a dream about what happened on the day of the firing. This officer is experiencing insurmountable bloodguilt. This is why the power of memory is prevalent in Remains as the character is severely emotionally distressed although a long time has gone by since the day of the killing. We can understand that the war photographer may feel very distressed that he could only account the terror, whilst he had to witness the conflict whilst having no mean of helping his subjects.

This in turn has caused emotional distress for him.

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This implies that in order to function and do his job properly in the field, the photographer must be able to distance himself from the subjects of his photographs.

However, he is able to let down his guard in the privacy of the darkroom as he finally allows himself to react to the terrible suffering he was forced to witness and record.

Clearly, he experienced much fear outfield taking the photographs. However, to conclude, how do these two intriguing poems relate to the theme of power?

These two poems both source their themes from the power of memory. The power of memory prevents the protagonists from returning back to their normal emotional states and lives.

Additionally, Remains too also depicts the power of memory as the officer is experiencing insurmountable guilt as a result of his murder, succumbing to drugs and alcohol only to unsuccessfully rid his memory.

Compare how war is portrayed in

On the other hand, there is an evident running theme of responsibility and authority within these two poems. In War Photographer, as the journalist begins organizing his files, the author likened the process as a priest preparing to intone a mass, a correlation showing that this occupation bears much responsibility and even pressure, much like a priest.

And from this, the two poems also harmonize through the power of authority. Personally, I find that Remains depicts the significance of these particular powers better because it much more vividly and thus, emotionally, accounts the petrifying reality of the effects of blood guilt, even retelling that one may even resort to very harmful substances due to the mental, emotional even spiritual torture that is murder.

And by the protagonists assumption that a citizen was a looter also shows that people in authority, likely even today can abuse their authority and escape persecution for it.

War Photographer on the contrary, though it had the same theme, the poem had a much more poetic tone and some stanzas were difficult to understand.Compare and contrast the portrayal of war in Zlata’s Diary with The Diary of a Young Girl/5(8).

Both poems portray war very differently: however they both seem to think that the terms death’ and war’ are synonymous. This may be classed as simply the shared view of two veterans of war: however this could also be seen as a means to the ends of thwarting war.

Compare how the poems ‘War Photographer’ and ‘Remains’ are related to theme of power Caroline Duffy wrote the mesmerizing poem ‘War Photographer’ which captures the peculiar challenge faced by people whose job requires them to record the terrible, horrific events of war without being able to directly help their subjects.

Compare and contrast the portrayal of war in Zlata’s Diary with The Diary of a Young Girl/5(9). WAR is really just an idea of how to value players.

Once you have the idea in place, there are dozens of implementation details that have multiple reasonable approaches to take. We've summarized the major frameworks below for easy comparison.

FanGraphs also has an explanation of their WAR and our. study focuses on war films and the heroic actions of the soldiers portrayed in those films.

The continuing, repeated themes lead one to believe that an observable portrayal of the heroic soldier exists within films over the decades.

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