Css cyclic steam stimulation

Cyclic steam stimulation, oil well. It is quite common for wells to be produced in the cyclic steam manner for a few cycles before being put on a steam flooding regime with other wells. The mechanism proceeds through cycles of steam injection, soak, and oil production. Next, the well is allowed to sit for days to weeks to allow heat to soak into the formation.

Css cyclic steam stimulation

Css cyclic steam stimulation

In global EOR oil production climbed to 2 million barrels per day of which 1. This process is therefore the most advanced EOR method as far as field experience is concerned. Reservoir Mechanics The principal recovery mechanisms by which oil is recovered by steam injection are: Successful steam injection projects are generally aided by a combination of these mechanisms.

Viscosity The most obvious effect of heating a reservoir is viscosity reduction. Figure 1 shows the viscosity of four oils at various temperatures.

Two points are evident from this figure: The rate of viscosity reduction is highest at the initial temperature increases. Little viscosity benefit is gained after reaching a certain temperature.

Greater viscosity reductions are experienced in the more viscous low gravity crudes than in higher API gravity crudes. A lack of understanding of the process dynamics and poor reservoir characterization are largely to blame.

Steam Distillation and Solvent Drive In the displacement of volatile oils by steam, lighter fractions of the oil may be vaporized.

Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) - The Project Definition

These fractions condense when contacting the colder formation, forming a solvent or miscible bank ahead of the steam zone. Very low residual oil saturations can result because of this distillation and miscible displacement.

Relative Permeability Alteration Steam at high pressure and temperature can significantly affect relative permeabilities to oil, water and gas. Generally, with an increase in temperature, relative permeability to oil increases, while that to water decreases.

This is partly due to an increase in the irreducible water saturation and a reduction in the residual oil saturation.

CSS - Cyclic Steam Stimulation

Properties of Steam Water has the highest specific heat and latent heat of vaporization of any common fluid. As such, it can carry a very large amount of heat per unit mass. Figure 3 shows the variation of heat content of boiling water and dry saturated steam.

The difference between the two curves represents the latent heat of vaporization. In the to psia pressure range, where most thermal projects operate, steam carries considerably more heat than hot water.Recent Cyclic Steam Stimulation Css Inquiries Cyclic Steam Stimulation Hi i am looking for the information on cyclic steam stimulation, an enhanced oil recovery method.

Petroleum Development Oman achieves goal of maximizing local content while acquiring highly specialized liner hanger equipment to withstand cyclic steam stimulation (CSS). CYCLIC STEAM STIMULATION Steam, injected into a well in a heavy-oil reservoir introduces heat that, coupled with alternate '"soak" periods, thins the oil allowing it to be produced through the same well.

This process may be repeated until production falls below a profitable level. Schematic ponrays one well during the 3 phases of this process. Vista’s client constructed a Cyclic Steam Stimulation pilot project at an existing licensed cold production heavy oil field in northwest Alberta.

The pilot facility is designed to produce a maximum m3/day (1, barrels per day) of emulsion. Along with steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD), cyclic steam stimulation (CSS)—also known as “huff-and-puff”—is a widely used enhanced oil recovery method employed to extract additional hydrocarbons from heavy oil reservoirs.

Outer tube Inner pipe Seal ring Gland Main mature technologies for CSS During the period of steam injection,the thermal sensitive packer is set down, the insulated tubing will extend due to high temperature, the compensation pipe is used to compensate the extended length of steam injection vetconnexx.com that the insulation tubing can not get.

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