Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

Why it is necessary to choose appropriate data types for each data column? Think of a situation where null value should be allowed and a situation where it should not be allowed. What are the consequences of inappropriate null settings?

Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

Try to make up reasonable relationships. Any reasonable set of relationships will be acceptable, as you have little information to go on here. Try to avoid making connections that are obviously wrong e.

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Try not to leave any tables stranded — ideally, every table should have one or more relationships, and all tables should be worked into the same web of relationships. Here is the rubric I will use for this assignment: Element 10 records of realistic data per table 50 Reasonable relationships established between tables 50 DBM Week 4 Individual: Your database project must meet the following assessment requirements: Design and develop a database using professional principles and standards.

Provide a logical and physical design of the database. Use relational database software application to develop database. Provide an entity relationship diagram. Generate and provide test data. Also, create at least one query that joins two tables and returns values from both tables.

Submit the ERD and final database to the appropriate Assignment link.

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Create an input form in Access for each of the tables in your database. Your form should allow you to create, read, update, and delete data for the table. You need not worry about fancy design for these — the output of the Forms wizard will do the trick here — just make sure that each form can do all four of the above operations create, read, update, delete.

Create 5 queries for your database. At least two of the queries should join two or more tables together. At least three of the queries should filter the rows excluding these from the results from one or more of the tables used in the query.

These two requirements joins and filtering need not be satisfied by separate sets of queries — a single query could potentially count toward both requirements. Try to pick queries that seem useful or business relevant — none of your queries should be just a simple SELECT of all the columns and rows in a table.

All you will be submitting is your Access database with the additions described above. Element Each table has a form that supports reading and editing 40 At least 5 queries created with at least 2 using joins and 3 using filtering 60 DBM Week 5 Learning Team Evaluation Please submit an evaluation of your Learning Team.

The template can be found in the Learning Team Toolkit under the Library tab. A direct link is here: You should create your ERD in Visio. Make sure that your ERD has: An entity for each table in your database Attributes that match the tables in your database Entity identifiers primary keys defined for each entity Relationships foreign keys between entities In short, put your database structure into an ERD diagram containing the elements listed above.

Here is the rubric I will use to grade this assignment: Element All relevant entities are modeled 30 Attributes for each entity are modeled 30 Each entity has a primary key indicated 20 Meaningful relationships have been added Nbsp Dbm Week 4 Normalization Erd Project Paper Doc 5 Huffman Fleet Truck Maintenance Database Trucking Submission Pptx Docx Team File Mdb Flow 1 .

Normalize the ERD. Use Microsoft® Access® to create the keys and relationships between tables for the Huffman Trucking Driver Log. Explain the level of normalization and explain why that level is sufficient.

DBM Week 4 DQ vetconnexx.com DBM Week 4 ERD NORMALIZATION EXPLANATION DIAGRAM Set vetconnexx.com DBM Week 4 HUFFMAN_DRIVERLOG Set vetconnexx.com DBM Week 4 Individual Paper Normalization of the ERD vetconnexx.com DBM Week 4 Individual Paper Normalization of the vetconnexx.com Create a detailed ERD using the Entities and Attributes for Driver's Log document found on the Huffman Trucking Intranet site.

A copy of the tables is posted at the end of this document.

Dbm 380 week 4 normalization of huffman erd doc

DBM Week 4 Individual Assignment Normalization of the ERD (New) DBM Week 4 Learning Team: MySQL™ Complete work on your Learning . DBM Week 3 Individual: ERD Creation Project The following assignment is based on the database environment chosen and discussed in the Week Two Individual Assignment.

Use a Microsoft Visio diagram to create a detailed ERD using the data specifications noted in . Interested in DBM Week 4 Individual Assignment Normalization of the ERD Bookmark it to view later.

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