Describe a place that you like

What do you do or experience there and why is it meaningful to you? My idea for an essay is about being content with achieving the Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content.

Describe a place that you like

There are lots of places I like to go, depending on my mood. I will explain where it is and how I get there.

IELTS Cue Card Sample Describe a place where you like to go to

I will try and describe what it looks like and explain why I like the location so much. I am lucky, although I live in a city, from my house I can walk to the edges of the Peak District, which is a beautiful national park just a few miles from the city centre.

To get to the national park I have to walk from my house down some local roads, and up a steep hill past some allotments. After about a mile or so striding out away from the urban areas, I get to a lovely bit of woodland which has a public footpath you can follow onwards and upwards.

It can be a bit of a scramble towards the end of the path as it is very steep indeed, but eventually, you leave the woodland and are on the edge of open farmland. Another footpath crosses some sheep-filled fields, and finally, you are on the moors of the Peak District.

It is really spectacular. The Peak District can be a really wild place, with its vast expanses of open moorland. You are high up, and it is quite exposed so it can be very windy and cold even in the summer.

Describe a place that you like

There are rocky outcrops and strange configurations of stones that have been weathered by centuries of wind and rain to create dramatic shapes. Some boulders are in piles, and there are steep vertical cliffs too. The area attracts lots of people who like walking, climbing and bouldering because of its unique and beautiful landscape.

Everywhere is dark wet peat underfoot and lots of heathers. This is a low growing plant that flowers at the end of the summer turning the whole landscape purple. The park covers a huge area, I think around square miles, so the terrain differs from area to area, of course, I am biased, but I believe I live near the most remarkably beautiful part.

I love this place, because if ever I am feeling down, or a bit enclosed, in just an hours walk I can find myself in a deserted but picturesque place, where the elements are more extreme.

In winter rain and wind can batter you, but in summer the sky seems to go on forever. Every day is different up there, and every hour of every day too.

The area is so huge, that often you can have it all to yourself, of course, there are other walkers about, but you can quickly disappear in the vastness of the space. A birthday that should be celebrated I think! I like to visit my hometown more than visiting any other place. After I finished my school, I came to the capital of your country and did my graduation here.

Later on, I have started my job and since then have been staying here. Whenever I get vacations, I plan to visit my hometown. To go there, I need to purchase advance bus ticket days prior to the departure.

I mostly go there by bus. Alternatively, I can go to my hometown on a train.When describing a place such as a desert or city, teaching kids to use strong vocabulary words helps them add details to a story Hello kim.

I would like to ask you about how I want to describe a smell in class. I doesnt have any idea right now.. can you help me? Posted January 5, Reply.

Kim Kautzer Here are some websites to get you. 1. Describe a place you often go. 2. Describe your hometown. 3. Describe a place you would like to live in.

4. Describe a recreation place you visited. 5. Describe one of your favourite places. 6. Describe a city you really like to visit. Describe a place that you would like to travel to. You should say: Where you would like to go; How you would go there; Who you would go with; and explain why you would like to .

Describe a place that you would like to travel to. You should say: Where you would like to go; How you would go there; Who you would go with; and explain why you would like to go to this place. Task: Describe the place you like the most Purpose: language: informal - content: describe Audience: My classmates.

OUTLINING Topic sentence: On the last summer, I have visited my friend in Singapore. If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe a place you would like to visit." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue card topics as well: Describe a place you .

Describe a place you would like to visit