Great railway strike 1877 essay

That year the country was in the fourth year of a prolonged economic depression after the panic of Railway work was already poorly paid and dangerous. Moreover, the railroad companies had taken advantage of the economic troubles to largely break the nascent trade unions that had been formed by the workers before and after the American Civil War. Mathews dispatched the militia when police were unable to break up the supportive crowd that had gathered.

Great railway strike 1877 essay

Document 2B - July 21,excerpts from Page One: July 27, and July 28, This assignment is based on the accompanying documents listed above. Some of these documents have been edited for the purposes of this assignment. Read all directions before you begin. In the second half of the nineteenth century, industrialization changed the way in which Americans lived.

People in different regions of the nation now had their lives connected economically, and no other business represented this connection better than the railroad industry.

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The Great Strike of began as a simple reaction of railroad workers in West Virginia to unfair practices by company owners. Within a short period of time, it became an emergency situation affecting many people's lives throughout the nation. Using information form the documents and your knowledge of social studies, answer the questions that accompany each document in Part A - Short Answer Questions.

The Short Answer Questions are designed to help you understand the documents and collect information to use in your essay. Write your answers on the worksheet. Then, complete the Part B Essay based on the documents.

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The Essay is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. You are to use the documents and your knowledge of social studies in the Part B Essay to: Describe why the Great Strike of was an emergency; Identify three different groups of Americans experiencing changes in their lives as a result of the Great Strike; and For each group, explain one way in which the people in that group had their lives changed by the strike.

Use other paper for your answer. July 27, and July 28, Read each document; answer all parts of the questions for each document to receive full credit on this sheet. Do not quote the document directly; put your responses in your own words. The Firemen's Strike Group s affected: What business is beginning to feel the effects of the strike?

What actions are the strikers taking to achieve their goals?

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The Pennsylvania and Other Roads Group affected: What information from this document indicates the strike is becoming serious?

What actions did Pennsylvania Governor Hartcranft take to stop the strike? Matters at Albany Quiet Group affected: What rumor indicates the strike is affecting the meat packing industry? Why might the workers in West Albany want to strike?The Great Railroad Strike of began on July 17, , in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

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Workers for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad went on strike, because the company had reduced workers' wages twice over the previous year. Apr 07,  · ‘Gunfire and Brickbats: The Great Railway Strikes of ’ by Gerald G. Eggert In the article ‘ Gunfire and Brickbats ’ Gerald G.

Great railway strike 1877 essay

Eggert shows the significant history of the railroad strike and what went through the workers and company owners. The Great Strike of essays On July 16, , in Martinsburg, West Virginia began the Great Strike of On this day railroad workers for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad were informed of a ten percent wage cut; this was the second cut like this in eight months.

The Great Railroad Strike Of Moves On To The Pennsylvania Railroad This was the last notable incident along the B&O, although strikes soon flared up elsewhere. The Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) of , like the Baltimore & Ohio, was generally despised due to .

The Great Railroad Strike of essay writing service, custom The Great Railroad Strike of papers, term papers, free The Great Railroad Strike of . Great railroad strike of , a violent but ultimately unsuccessful interstate strike, which resulted in extensive property damage and many deaths. The first major interstate strike in us history.

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