Internet safety essay questions

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Internet safety essay questions

Internet When browsing on the internet, we rarely think about how the internet came to existence. This in turn has frequently led many people to having their identities stolen and also experienced being victims of online sexual predators.

In this paper, we will discuss how with the evolution of the internet today, more people are able to get in touch with one another; therefore leading to the the harsh reality and safety precautions one can take when being online.

We will write a custom essay sample on Internet Safety or Internet safety essay questions similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER The Internet was the result of some visionary thinking by people in the early s who saw great potential value in allowing computers to share information on research and development in scientific and military fields.

Licklider of the Michigan Institute of Technology, first proposed a global network of computers in Leonard Kleinrock of MIT developed the theory of packet switching, which was to form the basis of Internet connections.

Lawrence Roberts of MIT connected a Massachusetts computer with a California computer in over dial-up telephone lines Kristula These visionaries, and many more left unnamed, are the real founders of the Internet.

Today, people can get in touch with one another like never before. Facebook and Myspace are commonly used to get ahold of or keep in touch with friends and family. The users of today on Facebook gross over sixty million active people.

Half of the users being college students. It is known as the sixth-most trafficked site in the United States and is used all throughout the world. Myspace on the other hand, has more than million monthly active users around the world including the United States, the UK, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, and many more.

Having websites such as Facebook and Myspace, it also leads to having online sexual predators to better access to members of society. Many teens have Internet access—often private communication in the form of blogs, chat rooms, and forums.

These online communication aids are not themselves a problem.

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But the ever-present threat of being sexually solicited or bullied while on the Internet is a big problem. Recent testimony on child protection before Congress, alerted the public to online sexual solicitation of teens. Online sexual solicitation is a form of sexual harassment that occurs over the internet.

Incidents of online sexual solicitation include: This can start when an adult or peer initiates an online nonsexual relationship with a child or adolescent, builds trust, and seduces him or her into sexual acts.

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Thirty-seven percent of teens male and female received links to sexually explicit content online. Thirty percent of teens have talked about meeting someone they met online.

Nineteen percent knew a friend who was harassed or asked about sex online by a stranger. Thirty-three percent of teen girls and Eighteen percent of teen boys had been asked about sexual topics online Forgarty There are several signs, traits, life circumstances, and actions that parents and adults should be aware of in order to keep teens from online communication with sexual predators.

To help parents have control on the information and material that their children are looking at, they should always be aware of when the child is on the computer, talk to the children about the precautions to have before entering on the internet, and also try to block sites from the computer and having the child able to access those sites Safekids.

We chose to interview her because Jordan was recently made aware of how easily one person can be tracked through the internet. Jordan is nineteen years old and is a current member of Myspace. She was ambushed by the cast of Channel 5 News one day and they interviewed her outside her house after gathering information only from her Myspace.

Internet safety essay questions

The news cast found out that she was a cheerleader at Champion Cheer, the knew what car she drove, found out her address, parents names, license plate numbers, and the school to which she attended. People in society are aware that with the evolution of the internet, we are more conveniently able to get ahold of and keep in touch with one another.

People should always be aware of any information that they are soliciting or the their kids would be having access to on the internet.Internet and Computer Safety Essay example The message will convince you with a reason why you must "verify" or "re-submit" personal or confidential information by clicking on a link within the message.

Feb 15,  · “Unless we’re willing to rethink today’s Internet,” says Nick McKeown, a Stanford engineer involved in building a new Internet, “we’re just waiting for a series of public catastrophes.”.

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