Myopia in singapore

She will have to get used to the spectacles. Shanghai ophthalmologist Xu Xun disagrees. Then the percentage rises to up to 50 per cent for secondary school students.

Myopia in singapore

The answer is pretty obvious, no? Unfortunately, myopia runs deep in my family. I started wearing spectacles in Primary School and the wifey trumps me by having a degree greater than Since then, his degree has been steadily increasing.

Ortho-K is a non-surgical, reversible process that uses therapeutic lenses to shape the cornea while the patient sleeps. Ortho-K lenses function as "orthodontics for the eye" - something like braces, but for the the eye - and provide clear vision without the use of contact lenses or glasses in the day.

Of course, the perfect vision is not permanent. The myopia slowly returns after 12 hours from the time of removal so one will need to wear the Ortho-K lenses again at night for them to work their magic again.

Over time, the perfect vision will be last longer throughout the day and for some people, they can even enjoy perfect vision for 2 or more whole days! As I did more research online, I found out that Ortho-K comes with risks too, predominantly the probability of scarring and eye infections if the procedure was not done properly.

Titus is currently one of only two accredited Fellows of the International Academy of Ortho-K in Singapore while his clinic is also the first in Singapore to sub-specialize in Ortho-K for children and adults.

Hands and lenses must be cleaned thoroughly to prevent eye infections. Also at TEC, the Ortho-K lenses are customized for each individual cornea - no two lenses are the same Yes, we first saw Titus back in July when Ayd was having myopia of degrees.

In a short span of one year! With the eyesight of myopic children tending to increase rapidly during the ages of 7 — 15, myopia can increase as much as degrees per year. Which means that Ayd may have a more than degrees by the time he reaches Secondary School!

And this is an irreversible process. Together with Titus, we discussed the merits of starting Ayd on Ortho-K so as to curb his myopia.

Top-most benefit of Ortho-K will the slowing down, or even halting his myopia condition completely. And of course, the tangible benefit of Ayd being able to snorkel and see everything underwater clearly.

Or at least that was what he hoped perfect vision would allow him to do. And so in Julyhis Ortho-K journey began. Turns out that he handled the foreign body sensation of the molds very well so a pair of molds was made to order specifically for his corneas.

A few weeks later, the molds arrived and thus began the task of teaching Ayd how to put in and take out the lenses correctly. I find it rather scary to be pressing onto my own eyeball so I would imagine this will be the most daunting part of Ortho-K should a child decides to get started on the treatment.

And it definitely was not easy for Ayd in the beginning. I remember on the first morning of putting on the lenses, he could not take them out! The wifey tried to help him but somehow, the lenses were still in his eyes.

Myopia in singapore

We realised that he forgot a step prior to taking out the lenses and that made the difference. But it did get better with time, and with more practice. In the first month, Ayd took about 15 minutes to put in the lenses at night and 20 minutes to remove them in the morning.

Now after 6 months, he is so good at it that he only takes less than 5 minutes! And he loves it! Because he gets to enjoy his daily school and weekends without the hassle of spectacles, he is more than happy to go through the night and morning rituals involving his Ortho-K lenses.

So now, he gets every Saturday off where he does not need to put on the Ortho-K lenses but hie eyesight still remains clear for 2 whole days! And speaking of regular check-ups, Titus has got to be one of the most patient and knowledgeable optometrist I have ever met.

I feel he has a genuine wish to help myopic kids keep their myopia in check and not let it spiral out of control.Due to a holistic and multi-pronged National Myopia Prevention Programme Singapore, 11 November With a little far-sighted vision, the National Myopia Prevention Programme (NMPP) by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) has helped to alleviate the problem of shortsightedness among school children in .

Slowing the progression of myopia in Singapore is seen as critical to avoid the risks of severe myopia and potential blindness. A group of Singaporean communication students took up this challenge devising a fun and educational way to get an important message about myopia across to parents.

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Myopia is commonly known as short-sightedness. A person with myopia is able to see close objects clearly but objects that are further away will appear blurred.

A person with myopia is able to see close objects clearly but objects that are further away will appear blurred. IGARD is your local optometrist in Singapore serving all of your vision care needs. Call us today at 65 for an appointment.

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