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Preparing the Application The statement of purpose for graduate applications is carefully weighted by the admissions committee. The applicant's statement should convince the committee that he or she is able to communicate effectively and with a deep understanding of mathematics. It is not intended to be a biographical sketch or a reflection on one's decision to enter the field.

Oxford thesis catalogue

Home Oxford students Academic matters Examinations and assessments Research examinations Research examinations The information provided below provides a summary of key regulations applicable to all examinations.

The procedures for the submission and examination of theses are detailed in the Examination Regulationsas well as the progression form Notes of Guidance for the Examination of Research Degrees GSO.

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Appointment of examiners Liaise with your supervisor regarding the appointment of examiners. Complete the progression form GSO. Your form should be submitted, signed by all required parties, four to six weeks prior to submitting your thesis.

Presentation of theses and abstracts - style and format Theses which are deemed not to meet the following requirements may not be accepted. Your thesis must be submitted in English, apart from quotations and recognised technical formulae, or where the Divisional or Faculty Board has determined otherwise.

Pages of the thesis must be numbered.

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Include an abstract with each copy of your thesis generally bound in with the thesis. Include a title page with each copy of your thesis, giving your full name, college, thesis title and your degree.

The main body of your thesis should be in double spacing with quotations and footnotes in single spacing. Your thesis should be presented on A4 or equivalent paper, ensuring a heavier grade of paper if your thesis is double-sided. Portrait would usually be expected, landscape may be permitted by agreement with the relevant board.

Select an easily readable font, such as Times New Roman or Arial. Font size 12pt is preferred, but a minimum font size 11pt is recommended for text and 10pt for footnotes.

You should allow a margin of 3 to 3. Footnotes should normally be placed at the bottom of each page.

Oxford thesis catalogue

Where they are given at the end of each chapter or at the end of the thesis, two separate unbound copies of footnotes should also be presented, for the convenience of the examiners.

Your thesis must be securely bound in either hard or soft covers. Loose-leaf or spiral binding is not acceptable.

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Fine Art candidates offering studio practice as part of their submission must submit, together with the written portion of their thesis, documentation in appropriate form of the exhibition or portfolio of works to be examined.

Wherever possible, this documentation should be bound with the written portion of the thesis. If your thesis title has changed, it is your responsibility to request approval of the new title on your GSO.

Hand the form in prior by four to six weeks to the submission of the thesis to the Examination Schools, where possible. Copies of your thesis should be packed in separate, unsealed, padded envelopes, one copy per examiner.Within the Ph.D.

in Social Science is an optional concentration in Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, supervised by an interdisciplinary group of faculty.. Within the M.A. in Social Science, students may apply directly to the concentration in Demographic and Social Analysis.

The PhD program of the Harvard Department of Mathematics is designed to help motivated students develop their understanding and enjoyment of mathematics. Enjoyment and understanding of the subject, as well as enthusiasm in teaching it, are greater when one is .

All theses for courses currently taught in Oxford are catalogued in SOLO, and work is in progress to catalogue older theses (particularly the archive received from the Department of Social Policy and Social Work). Obtaining copies of or from an Oxford thesis.

Copying of Oxford theses, even of a single page, may require the author's written.

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Definition of direct - extending or moving from one place to another without changing direction or stopping, without intervening factors or intermediarie. Oxford meets the needs of its students, academics and the international research community with a wide range of library services provided by more than libraries, making it .

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