Some people think that convention in

In a wide-ranging interview with Guardian Australia conducted on Tuesday, Dutton flagged a reluctance to allow the elderly family members of immigrants to come to Australia, and a desire to incentivise new arrivals to move to regional communities. Australia's immigration policy is meant to be blind to race, but is it?

Some people think that convention in

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Some people think that convention in our society obstruct progress while others think that taboos help maintain social harmony. Choose one position and support it with evidence and examples.

As a result of globalization, the world is getting smaller and smaller.

With the integration of people coming from different financial, ethnic and social background, there are conflicts between interest groups.

For example, the huge income disparity, large amount of new immigrants and the different point of views towards social issues may lead to a less harmious society. Apart from these, convention in a society may also be one of the factors affecting social harmony.

Take Hong Kong as an example, Hong Kong is a superstitious city and people care a lot about taboos and traditional practices. The pronunciation of the number, four, in Cantonese is similar to the pronunciation of death in Cantonese.

There is also a tradition of omitting certain 4th, 14th and 24th etc. Many luxury buildings were built in Hong Kong in recent years. We can easily find that the 8th floor, the 18th or the 28th floor are always being sold at a more expensive price. This phenomenon has aroused public resentment.

The general public believes that price should not only be determined by the number of floors but also many other impacts that many property agencies did not take into account.

Such kinds of arguments do not only happen in Hong Kong but globally.

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From Asian to Western countries, there are always conflicts between conventions and the new enlightenment. The progress of might be hindered if we cannot balance the interests of different stakeholders in an issue. Homosexuality was said to be a taboo. However, as reported by Bohanin reality, homosexual individuals wish to enjoy freedom of love and belong to social groups that support them.

In aspects of religion, a number of religions e.

Some people think that convention in

This topic is a shock for many of the older people in society or followers of religions. It is a topic that society had to deal with before achieving social harmony.

Tragedies might occur when the convention clashes with the law or the value of society at that time. Chinese believe that having at least a son is essential for a family to continue their family lineage and to glorify their family.

In Chinese history, people thought families that have no children or have daughters only was disrespectful to their ancestors.

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Sincethe Chinese Government has implemented the one-child-policy to control the soaring birth rate in China. Such kind of unfair law made many Chinese eager to have a male child directly.Lesson 2: The Question of Representation at the Convention. A We The People Resource.

Tools. Email. The Lesson. Why do you think Paterson said the following? "We must follow the people; the people will not follow us." Why did some delegates support election by the people?

Why did others support election by state legislatures? You can’t tell people to reside within a particular postcode [but] maybe there’s a way we can build incentives into the system so that people do disperse; I think that would relieve some of. The problem that quickly emerged was that some of the 13 people in this smaller group did not want to focus on whether Sanders could still win.

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Section 1 Review 3-C) What people or groups did not participate in the convention? Answer: Women, Free Blacks, Native Americans, and Non-Property owning Whites; Also those leaders from. Believe it or not, some people still think the world is flat, and that we are all victims of a giant conspiracy.

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