Writing a running record report

Taking a running record takes practice. Before attempting a running record, read the procedural steps on taking, marking, and scoring a running record.

Writing a running record report

What's the big picture? Every computer device you have ever used, from your school computers to your calculator, has been using algorithms to tell it how to do whatever it was doing. Algorithms are a very important topic in Computer Science because they help software developers create efficient writing a running record report error free programs.

The most important thing to remember about algorithms is that there can be many different algorithms for the same problem, but some are much better than others! Click an image to play sorting animations Selection sort Animations provided by David Martin from www.

However the amount of data computers use is often so large that it doesn't matter how fast the computer is, it will take it far too long to examine every single piece of data companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter routinely process billions of things per day, and in some cases, per minute!

This is where algorithms come in. If a computer is given a better algorithm to process the data then it doesn't matter how much information it has to look through, it will still be able to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

If you have read through the Introduction chapter you may remember that the speed of an application on a computer makes a big difference to a human using it.

If an application you create is too slow, people will get frustrated with it and won't use it. It doesn't matter if your software is amazing, if it takes too long they will simply give up and try something else!

Algorithms, Programs and Informal Instructions At this stage you might be thinking that algorithms and computer programs kind of sound like the same thing, but they are actually two very distinct concepts.

They are each different ways of describing how to do something, but at different levels of precision: Often you can get away with describing a process just using some sort of informal instructions using natural language; for example, an informal instruction in a non computing context might be "please get me a glass of water".

Algorithms - Computer Science Field Guide

A human can understand what this means and can figure out how to accomplish this task by thinking, but a computer would have no idea how to do this! Click to load High Score Boxes Use the interactive online at http: Informal instructions like this aren't precise; there's no way that a computer could follow those instructions exactly, but a human could probably get the general idea of what you mean if they know what you're trying to achieve.

This sort of description is only useful for quickly giving another human the general idea of what you mean, and even then there's a risk that they won't properly understand it. For our previous non-computing example, the algorithm might be 1 Go to the kitchen.

A human could follow these instructions easily, but it's still using general English language rather than a strict list of computer instructions.

Algorithms are often expressed using a loosely defined format called pseudo-codewhich matches a programming language fairly closely, but leaves out details that could easily be added later by a programmer. Pseudocode doesn't have strict rules about the sorts of commands you can use, but it's halfway between an informal instruction and a specific computer program.

With the high score problem, the algorithm might be written in pseudo-code like this: The other important thing with this level of precision is that we can often make a good estimate of how fast it will be.

writing a running record report

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writing a running record report

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